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Staff Rules

Post by Oryxill on Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:14 pm

All Staff Must Abide By These Rules Or Demotion Will Occur!
1.Follow Player And Donor Rules!
2.Do Not Kick/Ban Without A Good Reason!
3.When You Apply Please Don't Apply For A Rank You Cant Handle
4.Do Not Apply Just Because You Don't Want To Pay For /give And /spawn
5.Under No Circumstances Is Abuse Of Staff Power Allowed!
6.Do Not Argue With A Person Of Higher Rank Than You!
7.If There Is Any Problems With A Player Consult The Founder Before You Ban!(Unless They Are Completely Disobeying All Rules!
8.Use Common Sense When On Duty!

I Hope That All Staff Read And Understand These!
Best Regards,

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