How To Donate

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How To Donate

Post by Oryxill on Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:41 pm

To Donate All You Have To Do Is This:
1.Go To Our Website
2.Click The Donate Button Toward The Top!
3.You Will Be Brought To A Donation Page
4.Put In Your Amount Of Money You Want To Donate.
5.Go Down Toward The Bottom And Either Sign In Using Paypal Or Use Credit/Debit By Clicking The Blue Continue Text To The Left Of The Sign in Area.
6. Fill Out Your Info And Complete Your Payment!
7.Once Your Payment Is Recieved Tell Oryxill That You Have Donated And He Will Ask You To Confirm Your First/Last Name. Then He Will Give You Your Rank!
8.Enjoy Your Rank!

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