Pokemans' Admin Application

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Pokemans' Admin Application

Post by Pokemans on Fri Aug 14, 2015 11:08 pm

1) What is your IGN:
2. What is you current age and do you think this is an appropriate age of handling this responsibility:
I'm 13 and belvive that you can be any where from 10-20. It Just matters on how mature you are.
3. Why do you want to apply for Admin:
I see a lot of admins on and wanted to apply but then I saw that you had already gotten enough admins. I wanted to apply for admin because some are kind of mean, but I get it and wanted to take the pressure off just a bit.
4. What makes you think that your application is unique then the other applicants:
I'm almost always on unless I have to sleep, eat, school, or sports.
5. What motivated you to apply for this rank?:
I always thought admins were cool but then 1 was mean to me and I was then motivated to be the "Nicest" admin ever.
6. What are some experiences you have that separate you from the other applicants. Do you think these experiences will help you out as a Admin?:
I have no experiances as of bieng an admin because the servers I play on are really big. Howerver I do learn extremely quickly.
7. What is your current level of education:
8th grade, read at a 11- 12th grade lever
8. If you were chosen as Admin, how would you make OPS a more enjoyable place:
I would listen to the comunity/players and wouldn't just give away items for money or anything like some of the admins.
9. If you got in a disagreement with the an other staff member, how would you handle the situation:
If they hurt me first I would try to see why they hurt me and if I hurt someone then I would see how they feel from their shoes.
10. How good do you think your grammer is?:
9/10 and "grammer" is spelled with and a not an e xD
11. What are some of your hobbies (Sports, craftsmanship etc.):
I yoyo, play hockey, and like to hardcore game.
12. Would you like to say anything else?
I would like to say that I hope I fit your requirements for the "job." (If you can't tell my favorite colo is green Smile )


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Re: Pokemans' Admin Application

Post by Oryxill on Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:15 am


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