feheradamvok's Helper Application

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feheradamvok's Helper Application

Post by feheradamvok on Sun Aug 16, 2015 8:26 am

1) What is your IGN:
2. What is you current age and do you think this is an appropriate age of handling this responsibility:
Im 16 and i believe that the minimum is 13 years old because if you are a bit older u can do your work better.
3. Why do you want to apply for Helper:
The reason is i want to help other people, because i was a lots of server where Helpers, Admins and Dev's didn't helped a lot for the people's thats why i want to be a Helper so i can help the people's.
4. What makes you think that your application is unique then the other applicants:
Because I'm always on and i can help almost everywhere
5. What motivated you to apply for this rank?:
My Motivation is to be the best Helper there ever was who loves helping other people.
6. What are some experiences you have that separate you from the other applicants. Do you think these experiences will help you out as a Admin?:
I have not so much experience, but i know some things about Helper and what they do but not everything so i can get new experiences(i learn fast)
7. What is your current level of education:
9th grade, but can solve 11th grade works and stuff
8. If you were chosen as Helper, how would you make OPS a more enjoyable place:
I would help all people who need help or dont understand something. I would do some events if it will be allowed(only if you want)
9. If you got in a disagreement with the an other staff member, how would you handle the situation:
On the first ill try to ask him what i did to her/him than ill try to fix it and make everything fine and clean like before
10. How good do you think your grammer is?:
ehm i would say 8/10 (I'm from Hungary), between grammar not grammer
11. What are some of your hobbies (Sports, craftsmanship etc.):
My hobbies are Basketball, Football, Tennis, and Ping Pong
12. Would you like to say anything else?
I'd like to say thank you for the chance to get Helper, i hope i will apply and i can help people's


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