Spoiler's Application for Helper

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Spoiler's Application for Helper

Post by Spoiler on Thu Aug 20, 2015 11:44 am

1- I do not have an IGN, but my Skype is: Iranoutofideas. You will not be able to video or audiochat me, since I do not have either a microphone or a webcam, though.
2- I am 15 years old, and I think this is an appropriate age, since I am more responsible than others at my age would be.  3- I would like to help others, since I am friendly. 4- I'm just a regular player, but I have experience. I have been a moderator on a server that closed a year ago. (RotMG) 5- I see people get angry that they have problems, and I want to help them.
6- As I have said, I have been a moderator on a server that closed a year ago, and I have been a helper on a few servers. 7- High School, I can read like a 12-grader. 8- I would not spawn things in the Arena, because of lag, but I would help people in my guild, the Nexus, and others. 9- It depends. If it was because of a rule, I would go tell the admins, or Oryxills. If it was not that bad, I would probably just be the one to throw the white flag. 10- I barely ever make writing mistakes, as you can see from this application. 11- Mostly football (european football) and gaming. 12- Yes. I would like to say to Oryxills to try to fix the lag problems by stopping the deaths in arena. (make it harder to die in the Arena)

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