Afro's Admin Applic. 2 (I screwed up the last)

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Afro's Admin Applic. 2 (I screwed up the last)

Post by Afro on Mon Aug 24, 2015 1:56 am

1) What is your IGN: Prod: AfroTime | Server: Afro

2. What is you current age and do you think this is an appropriate age of handling this responsibility:

3. Why do you want to apply for Admin:
Im helpful and supportive to others and i always have time to help Smile

4. What makes you think that your application is unique then the other applicants:
Im just a normal guy, im not just gonna say im so much more unique, but to be honest, i'm kind to a lot of people, (yet some of the others are just ignoring everyone. If someone asks for help, i will help them, but not litterally giving them items

5. What motivated you to apply for this rank?:
I have been co-owner and admin on a few servers before and i realised, why not try for this one! Thats the reason im applying for admin

6. What are some experiences you have that separate you from the other applicants. Do you think these experiences will help you out as a Admin?: Well like i said on Q5 ive am an experianced admin and i'm always their to help

7. What is your current level of education:
Well if your British like me you would understand this, English 8b Maths 7a Science: 6b

8. If you were chosen as Admin, how would you make OPS a more enjoyable place:
I would stop the verbal abuse i have seen between some people and try to get people to make a change

9. If you got in a disagreement with the an other staff member, how would you handle the situation:
If i knew it was my fault, i would apologise, if it was their fault, i would just slowly, tile by tile, walk to the realm :3

10. How good do you think your grammer is?:
Mi Grammor Ise Viry Gud, Kappa, To be honest, my grammar is good in my opinion and im good at grammar

11. What are some of your hobbies (Sports, craftsmanship etc.):
Tennis, Golf, all that posh shit

12. Would you like to say anything else?:


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