Sayltygal's application

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Sayltygal's application

Post by sayltygal on Sun Sep 20, 2015 5:04 am

What is your IGN:

What is you current age and do you think this is an appropriate age of handling this responsibility:
16, this is a good age because teenagers become more mature and able to cope with disruptive behavior.

Why do you want to apply for Admin:
I want to help the server expand and I would like ( If I get denied ) to become a spriter for this server, and if I do get accepted then I will make sprites either way. If people are getting bored then I will persuade them to stay on the server and maybe host 1 wc for them so I manipulate them Razz

What makes you think that your application is unique then the other applicants:
You denied their application, you shall accept mine because I am sophisticated and I can handle arguments well. I might even donate Wink

What motivated you to apply for this rank?:
Your server motivated me, this is the best private server I have ever played on, I would like to enjoy myself and I would like to help the beginners of OPS. If I get denied, as I said, I will become a spriter or a helper for this server I will be very active Smile

What are some experiences you have that separate you from the other applicants. Do you think these experiences will help you out as a Admin?:
I am smart so I know how to handle arguments well and solve them peacefully without offending anyone, obviously this will help as I am very calm and I have everything under control.

What is your current level of education:
Secondary school, Year 11

If you were chosen as Admin, how would you make OPS a more enjoyable place:
I would show respect to new players, I would make them happy by making sure they are treated well and that there are no arguments. If somebody has a negative opinion of the server I will persuade them otherwise.

If you got in a disagreement with the an other staff member, how would you handle the situation:
If it is someone who has priority over me I would let them decide the punishment I receive but if everything turns out to be fine I would apologize to that person

How good do you think your grammer is?:
Better than yours my good sir, I am pretty sure it is grammar* ^^
            ^ Jokes

What are some of your hobbies (Sports, craftsmanship etc.):
I like art, pencil drawings mostly, and water colour painting, this is weird but I like doing homework as a hobby, it relaxes me.

Would you like to say anything else?:
If you are taking no more applications I would still continue to play the server, make sprites and if you decide to, I would like to be a helper.


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