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Admin Application

Post by swgninja on Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:11 pm

What is your IGN:swgninja

What is you current age and do you think this is an appropriate age of handling this responsibility: I am 17... I am mature and can handle being admin.

Why do you want to apply for Admin: since I play this so much I would rather put that time into helping the community.

What makes you think that your application is unique then the other applicants: I don't lie about any thing ive said and will actually help improve this server no matter what

What motivated you to apply for this rank?: I see a lot of greedy admins who don't help anyone but I want to be the one who helps people who need it

What are some experiences you have that separate you from the other applicants. Do you think these experiences will help you out as a Admin?: I have seen many videos and know all the commands. I have a lot of friends who have showed me how to help others and make the game better and more fun for all of the people on the server.

What is your current level of education: I am a senior in high school with mostly A,s and B,s.

If you were chosen as Admin, how would you make OPS a more enjoyable place: I would suggest you many ideas that can help the server. I would stop people who cheat so everyone has a equal experience

If you got in a disagreement with the an other staff member, how would you handle the situation: I would say that they were right and find out a way to end the conversation so that we are both happy.

How good do you think your grammer is?: I have excellent grammar but may mess up in typing

What are some of your hobbies (Sports, craftsmanship etc.): I love to play sports, read, and play this server.

Would you like to say anything else?: I would love to be a admin


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